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How to fashion a career in fashion?

 Author : Admin  31.03.2022


Beneath the sparkling tinsels, the glitter and glamour lies a multi-billion dollar industry. Only the best may walk through its hallowed gates; only the most dedicated visionary may reap the harvest of new, bold ideas. The spectacular pageantry of the fashion world is tempered with cut-throat competition. Not unlike the more staid academic disciplines, an interest in fashion must be complemented by the strictest adherence to method and a penchant for norm-defying creativity. While the glamour world looks dazzling and easy, it can be as intellectually taxing as some of the more orthodox courses. It is hard work; you may have passion, but so do countless other aspirants from all the known and unknown corners of the world. It is always wise to ask your overseas education consultant for in depth guidance before you take deep dives.

Have you started your preparations?

When it comes to a career in fashion, or in any creative industry for that matter, there’s no such thing as a prescribed syllabus. You need an open mind, and wide open eyes. Preparations ought to start as early as high school; be open to taking classes on home economics, not to mention design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Xara etc. Wisdom can come from the most unexpected quarters. That’s why you need to expand your reading prospects from books to quarterlies, fashion magazines, blogs and newsletters. It’s not all ramp walk and photo ops. As a fashion designer, you will be expected to not only conceive design ideas but to also have the metier to commit your ideas to paper. You need to have a certain amount of dexterity in tailoring, patching unlikely textures to create new aesthetic expressions, and a fair knowledge of the textile industry. In a way, a student of design is an amalgam of both the sciences and the arts. Ask your overseas education consultant in Kolkata for detailed prospects.

Which institutes are trending?

When it comes to fashion design and technology, you have the whole wide world to choose from. Almost every country abroad has a reputable fashion design programme. While France and Italy are considered to be the mecca of design thinking, there are several colleges in the UK and USA that offer well-rounded training. China, Israel, South Africa and Brazil are growing hubs of design technology and thinking. These countries are melting pots of aesthetic shades and nuanced cultural registers. With the right kind of training and perseverance, you can easily make a career in retail management, fashion journalism, textile design et al. But before you make your big leap, make sure you have been counselled by your overseas education consultants.

Be that as it may, here is a list of fashion schools that many dream of, but a few get a chance to visit: