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Is UK the right destination for an Indian student?

 Author : Admin  06.04.2022


The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Despite the uncertainties of Brexit looming large over the horizon, a plan to go to the UK for higher studies has undeniable merits. We have made a list of the 5 most compelling reasons for you to go to the UK for higher studies.

The time is right

According to higher education experts in the UK and the EU, Brexit and the resultant drop in the value of pound might lead to a fall in the course fees. If it’s quality education you are looking for, look no farther than the UK. Every institution is mandated to run regular assessments of their pedagogy; they are graded by official organizations so that academic standards are never compromised. Above all, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education carry out independent audits, so that you can safely rely on the reviews.

Learn among the best

As per the information from the overseas education consultants in Kolkata, of the ten universities revered across the world, three of the elite hail from the United Kingdom. To be a part of an institution like University of Oxford or Imperial College, London, is to write your name in the illustrious pages of academic history. Not many places will offer you with such dizzying panoramas of university courses. Take your pick from among 150,000 courses at prestigious institutions across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Impressive Infrastructure

According to the findings of Research Excellence Framework (REF), 30% of the research done in the UK can be classified as ‘world leading’, while 46% of it is internationally excellent. The UK accounts for as much as 6.4% of all journal articles written worldwide. The education system allows for an organic bonding between the student and the teacher; the exchange of ideas takes place on an individual level, so that every student voice is heard and accommodated. International students with language barriers need not worry, as several of the institutions offer language support. But that’s not the only assistance you should expect. With faculties of counsellors and course advisors to guide you at every step of the way, you can never go wrong, at any point of time.

Avail scholarships

If you’re an aspiring research fellow or a postgraduate student, a scholarship will see you through your academic years. The Great India Scholarships and Scotland’s Saltire
Scholarship (SSS) are exclusively offered to Indian students. Besides, scholarships aren’t the only way to make ends meet. The UK is a hotbed of lucrative internships and easy part-time jobs. Add them to your CV and you have already upgraded your chances of getting a job by the end of the term. If you are thinking ‘I need to contact some overseas education consultants near me to get the necessary information’, we will suggest you do so.


Get healthcare

As a full-time student in the UK, you will be entitled to free medical treatment by the National Health Service (NHS). The same applies for your partner, or a dependent who has
taken residence with you. To get detailed information about this, you can contact an overseas education consultant. It was only year before last, when the UK witnessed a milieu of 4,36,585 international students, coming in from more than 180 countries worldwide. Would you believe that Indian students formed the second largest group among the gathered scholars? Besides, think of all the bright, young minds coming together from all the corners of the continents. This is your time to grow as a person, to put your life in perspective and see yourself as a citizen of the world. You will enjoy standing at the confluence of cultural practices and diverse social mores.