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MBA without GMAT?-Know Your Options in Australia

 Author : Admin  17.06.2022


There has been a surge in the number of international students seeking an MBA abroad, and the passport to that course lies with a decent score in GMAT, says an abroad education consultant in Kolkata.

Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is necessary for acceptance to the full-time MBA programs of the best B Schools in the world. Students dedicate quite an amount of their time and effort to acing the GMAT and achieving a high score, which improve their prospects of admission to elite business schools.

But do you know that several highly ranked Australian universities offer MBA programs without the GMAT? Which they do without compromising on the quality, curriculum, course content and the placement prospects. Why? Because these universities, along with a number of others in the world, acknowledge that the GMAT may not necessarily be the best indication of a student’s aptitude for the acceptance in an MBA programme.

Here are a few universities in Australia, which offer MBA programs without the GMAT, without losing the quality of education, reputation, course content, or job prospects.

1. La Trobe University

La Trobe University, Melbourne:  Situated in one of the world's most vibrant cities, it is one of the most prestigious Australian institutions and one of that kind to provide an MBA without the GMAT, says the abroad education consultant near me.

It definitely requires a certain amount of work experience, but it is undeniably one of the most popular options for students from India and around the world. In addition to learning the various tricks in general management and business, the student will also have the possibility to study abroad, pursue a research path, or do an internship.

2. Deakin University

Deakin University in Melbourne, another reputed Australian university, is renowned for its business school and placements.

The Deakin University provides you with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business and management which culminates to an enriching and integrated experience. The best take away from the programme is the opportunity to network with leading Australian academics and entrepreneurs, says the abroad education consultant.

3. Curtin University

Study for the MBA in the Curtin University, Perth, as one of the best-connected cities in the nation and having a rich, vibrant multicultural environment.

The MBA at Curtin University provides worldwide students with hands-on experience working on various projects and internships. It imparts practical business knowledge, management and leadership skills to a global context and exposes the students to evidence-based business strategies!

4. Griffith University

Sustainable Business Practices, Responsible Leadership and an Asia-Pacific Perspective are basic concepts essential for conducting business in the twenty-first century, making the MBA program of the Griffith University unique, says the abroad education consultant in Kolkata.

The MBA program in the Griffith University is right for you if you want to develop your critical thinking skills and discover innovative methods to help the world.

5. University of Wollongong

The Sydney and Wollongong campuses of the University of Wollongong offer an MBA program that provides realistic job-seeking activities and access to the Australian job market through an internship, industry-based project, or part-time work.

The curriculum emphasizes practical knowledge acquisition while also enhancing the rate of placements, says the abroad education consultant near me.