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Russia might be a good choice for an MBBS

 Author : Admin  02.04.2022


The reasons are many. At the very outset, consider the size of the country. It is the largest there is on the map. And just like that, it is also one of the largest melting pots for research. Only the creme de la creme inform its medical soirees, overseen by WHO, UNESCO and MCI. It comes as no surprise when you find out that 30 out of 100 institutions listed in WHO’s Directory of Medical Schools are in Russia. A degree from one of these prestigious academic halls will guarantee you a world-renowned practice, in every corner of the world.

But is it right for you?

Ask your abroad education consultants, and they will tell you why Russia is a pragmatic career destination for an Indian student pursuing medicine. The primary reason has to do with tuition fees; they are more reasonable in Russia than in other countries. Contrary to popular, misguided opinion, the affordability of Russian education takes nothing away from its academic rigour and towering standards. Indeed, some experts argue that the quality of education in Russia is justifiably at par with that of the USA or the UK, even when it comes to the lingua franca in the classroom. Since most of the medical universities in Russia speak English in class, an Indian student will fit in perfectly.

What’s more...

Besides affordable tuition fees and low cost of living, Russia offers the peerless assurance of quality academic experience. After all, every Russian medical institute is officially acknowledged by WHO, MCI and UNESCO. The doors of the very best of conferences, seminars and conclaves will be open to you. You will savour the privileges of being a doctor under the tutelage of the world’s brightest minds. Ask your abroad education consultant about your prospects in detail. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while considering the prospects of a Russian MBBS degree:

• Affordable tuition rates will not only make your admission easy, but they will also help you live comfortably within modest means. 

• Everything you will do will add to your breadth of experience, especially since every medical institute in Russia is affiliated with the WHO, UNESCO and MCI.

• English is the language that will unite you with students from radically different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, opening up gates leading to new insight and improved worldviews. 

• If you’re looking for a hands on approach, you will not be disappointed. Here, education transcends the borderlines of classroom theories and demands practical experience. 

• As an international student, you shouldn’t have to be worried about your personal safety and well-being. All the more reason to choose Russia. Hostel accommodations come with the assurance of vigilant security and up-to-date amenities. 

• It’s not all work and no pay. You won’t have to bury yourself deep in studies all the time when you can take a break and utilise the recreational and sporting facilities in your campus. 

• You won’t have to take an admission test to study medicine in Russia. No matter which institution you choose, it will honour your decision with best-in-class medical training.